Video + Audio

Video: Lovin’ Thy Neighbor

This video was shot as a part of a summer workshop called, aptly, Carolina Photojournalism Workshop. Each summer, faculty from the UNC School of Media & Journalism take a group of students to a small town in North Carolina. There, students go off and find stories, then film, edit and showcase the projects to the town, all in a matter of weeks. “Lovin’ Thy Neighbor” was one of many stories that made up our collection, which became known as “Finding the Uwharries.” But it was one of my favorite stories I’ve ever told. Take two minutes, meet Mary, and you’ll see why.
Finding the Uwharries was nominated for multiple awards, including a South by Southwest Interactive Award and a Webby Award.

Lovin’ Thy Neighbor from UNC | Carolina Photojournalism on Vimeo.

Audio: Mipso: Long, long from gone

I love radio. I love music. When I was younger, I would read my schoolbooks aloud and pretend to be on NPR (ok, maybe I still do this). This story, made for local radio, introduces Mipso (then known as “Mipso Trio”) and their first full-length studio album, “Long, Long Gone.” Now touring internationally, Mipso has made a name for themselves (which is amazing, because no one deserves it more) but they never seem to forget where they came from. Here’s a reminder for them, and for us all. Take a listen.

Video: Bringing a new cancer treatment to the patients of North Carolina

There are cool kids, and then there are incredible kids. Phineas, who was six when we shot this, is truly incredible. Born into a family who had already lost one child to leukemia, Phineas himself was diagnosed with a particularly hard-to-treat case of the same disease at age four. After combining the determination of Phineas’ family, the talent and passion of the doctors at UNC with one of the strongest little boys that cancer has ever seen, Phineas is cancer-free and back in kindergarten. Meet cancer survivor and my friend, Phineas.